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The goal in any real estate deal is to maximize the value of your side of the transaction while mitigating risk. The typical real estate transaction can have more than sixteen individuals involved including brokers, inspectors, surveyors, mortgage reps, title attorneys, and others. Whether you’re buying a home or selling an investment property, it is crucial to have someone experienced in the business who will act as your advocate and help you navigate the process from beginning to successful conclusion.

Leasing Management:

Nothing destroys the return on an investment as does a vacant property or a problem tenant. Sometimes Landlords just need help finding and keeping good tenants but don’t need a full service property management firm. Magli Realty Company fills this niche. We help landlords maximize their investment return by finding tenants, negotiating leases, collecting rents, and making sure tenants abide by the terms of the lease. Unlike other companies that require a lump sum commission at the execution of a lease just to procure a tenant, we provide these additional services and only charge six percent of the rents as they are collected. This means if you don’t get paid, we don’t either.

Tenant Representation:

Just behind merchandise and wages, rent is often the third biggest expense for a small business. Few business owners stay current on the commercial space market or understand the complexity of a commercial lease. Magli Realty Company uses powerful demographic and market tools to help a business owner find the perfect location where their business can thrive. We also assist owners in negotiating the best lease rates and terms while minimizing their liability and risk.

1031 Tax Exchanges:

Capital gains taxes can eat up an investment return by over twenty percent each time an investment property is sold. A 1031 exchange is often an effective strategy to avoid or defer these taxes. Named for a section of the IRS code, a 1031 exchange allows property owners to roll the proceeds from a sale of real estate into another property without paying capital gains. We work closely with our clients and their CPA’s or attorneys to use these beneficial instruments by helping identify and acquire new investment opportunities. Please consult your CPA or tax attorney for specifics related to 1031 exchanges.